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2.89 MB Disc VI - Covers/05. Hound Dog (Big Mama Thornton).mp3
5.46 MB Disc VI - Covers/16. His Latest Flame (Elvis Presley).mp3
5.63 MB Disc V/16. Love Of My Life.mp3
5.63 MB Disc VI - Covers/17. Love Of My Life (Queen).mp3
6.26 MB Disc VI - Covers/06. Long Tall Sally (Little Richard).mp3
6.35 MB Disc IV/03. Slave Me.mp3
6.48 MB Disc III/15. Robot Man.mp3
6.67 MB Disc VIII - Tribute/14. Johnny Gioeli of AXEL RUDI PELL - Dynamite.mp3
7.41 MB Disc III/06. Sting In The Tail.mp3
7.43 MB Disc V/03. Backstage Queen.mp3
7.43 MB Disc VIII - Tribute/01. Helloween - He's A Woman, She's A Man.mp3
7.50 MB Disc VI - Covers/14. Tin Soldier (Small Faces).mp3
7.50 MB Disc VIII - Tribute/09. Uli Jon Roth - Pictured Life.mp3
7.56 MB Disc VI - Covers/15. All Day And All Of The Night (The Kinks).mp3
7.59 MB Disc V/08. Rock Zone.mp3
7.65 MB Disc VII - Rare Songs/05. Suspender Love (bonus track taken from 'Taken by Force' album).mp3
7.65 MB Disc VIII - Tribute/03. Uli Jon Roth - Catch Your Train.mp3
7.65 MB Disc VI - Covers/13. Across The Universe (The Beatles).mp3
7.69 MB Disc VI - Covers/20. Shapes Of Things (The Yardbirds).mp3
7.76 MB Disc VI - Covers/04. I Can't Explain (The Who).mp3
7.78 MB Disc VI - Covers/03. Ave Maria No Morro (Herivelto Martins).mp3
7.79 MB Disc VI - Covers/10. Kojo No Tsuki (Rentaro Taki).mp3
7.84 MB Disc IV/06. No Limit.mp3
7.84 MB Disc V/05. Living And Dying.mp3
7.87 MB Disc IV/04. Top Of The Bill.mp3
7.89 MB Disc II/04. Pictured Lirfe.mp3
7.99 MB Disc VI - Covers/11. Tainted Love (Gloria Jones).mp3
8.08 MB Disc VI - Covers/02. You Are The Champion (Queen).mp3
8.10 MB Disc VIII - Tribute/15. Tankard - Coming Home.mp3
8.12 MB Disc III/01. Dark Lady.mp3
8.13 MB Disc IV/01. Another Piece Of Meat.mp3
8.15 MB Disc III/14. Maybe I Maybe You.mp3
8.20 MB Disc VII - Rare Songs/01. Kiss Of Borrowed Time (from the 'When You Came Into My Life' single).mp3
8.24 MB Disc VIII - Tribute/05. Michael Voss of MAD MAX - Loving You Sunday Morning.mp3
8.27 MB Disc VI - Covers/12. Children Of The Revolution (T. Rex).mp3
8.31 MB Disc III/03. Speedy's Coming.mp3
8.31 MB Disc III/04. Catch Your Train.mp3
8.35 MB Disc VIII - Tribute/12. Agent Steel - Dark Lady.mp3
8.38 MB Disc IV/05. You Give Me All I Need.mp3
8.42 MB Disc V/17. A Moment In A Million Years.mp3
8.42 MB Disc VII - Rare Songs/03. Rubber Fucker (from the 'Alien Nation' maxi-single).mp3
8.45 MB Disc V/01. Steamrock Fever.mp3
8.49 MB Disc VII - Rare Songs/17. Life Goes Around (from the 'Deadly Sting' compilation).mp3
8.61 MB Disc IV/08. Virgin Killer.mp3
8.61 MB Disc VIII - Tribute/10. Doogie White of RAINBOW - Make It Real.mp3
8.61 MB Disc VII - Rare Songs/16. Cause I Love You (from the 'Bad for Good' compilation).mp3
8.62 MB Disc IV/15. Your Last Song.mp3
8.70 MB Disc II/06. Can't Live Without You.mp3
8.75 MB Disc VII - Rare Songs/06. Hey You (bonus track taken from 'Animal Magnetism' album).mp3
8.76 MB Disc I/04. Rhythm Of Love.mp3
8.78 MB Disc I/01. Blackout.mp3
8.78 MB Disc VIII - Tribute/04. John Parr - Passion Rules The Game.mp3
8.80 MB Disc VI - Covers/07. Dust In The Wind (Kansas).mp3
8.80 MB Disc IV/14. We Will Rise Again.mp3
8.82 MB Disc IV/11. Kicks After Six.mp3
8.86 MB Disc III/02. Make It Real.mp3
8.88 MB Disc I/13. When The Smoke Is Going Down.mp3
8.94 MB Disc V/02. Life's Like A River.mp3
8.96 MB Disc VII - Rare Songs/10. Love Is Blind (from the 'Best' compilation).mp3
8.96 MB Disc IV/09. 321.mp3
9.01 MB Disc III/05. No Pain No Gain.mp3
9.03 MB Disc VI - Covers/19. Ruby Tuesday (The Rolling Stones).mp3
9.05 MB Disc V/10. Arizona.mp3
9.07 MB Disc II/02. Bad Boys Running Wild.mp3
9.10 MB Disc I/07. No One Like You.mp3
9.16 MB Disc I/02. Raised On Rock.mp3
9.16 MB Disc V/07. Is There Anybody There.mp3
9.17 MB Disc VIII - Tribute/11. Jizzy Pearl - No One Like You.mp3
9.18 MB Disc III/08. Passion Rules The Game.mp3
9.19 MB Disc II/09. We Were Born To Fly.mp3
9.23 MB Disc VI - Covers/18. Drive (The Cars).mp3
9.29 MB Disc VII - Rare Songs/18. Bad For Good (from the 'Bad for Good' compilation).mp3
9.35 MB Disc III/12. The Future Never Dies.mp3
9.38 MB Disc II/08. The Game Of Life.mp3
9.53 MB Disc VIII - Tribute/07. Stratovarius - Blackout.mp3
9.60 MB Disc I/09. Big City Nights.mp3
9.67 MB Disc II/12. Dynamite.mp3
9.69 MB Disc I/05. Rock You Like A Hurricane.mp3
9.80 MB Disc VII - Rare Songs/12. Miracle (bonus track taken from 'Miracle' single).mp3
9.87 MB Disc VII - Rare Songs/11. Edge Of Time (from the 'Deadly Sting' compilation).mp3
9.91 MB Disc III/07. I'm Leaving You.mp3
9.91 MB Disc VII - Rare Songs/08. Daddy's Girl (bonus track taken from 'Face the Heat' album).mp3
9.98 MB Disc IV/17. Love Is War.mp3
9.99 MB Disc VI - Covers/08. Here In My Heart (Tiffany).mp3
10.05 MB Disc VI - Covers/01. White Dove (Omega).mp3
10.07 MB Disc IV/10. Lust Or Love.mp3
10.15 MB Disc V/14. Turn You On.mp3
10.16 MB Disc VII - Rare Songs/02. Partners In Crime (from the 'Under the Same Sun' maxi-single).mp3
10.18 MB Disc VII - Rare Songs/14. Over The Top (from the 'Deadly Sting' compilation).mp3
10.27 MB Disc VIII - Tribute/18. Seven Witches - Alien Nation.mp3
10.29 MB Disc VII - Rare Songs/04. Mind Power (from the 'To Be No.1' single).mp3
10.43 MB Disc III/16. Love Will Keep Us Alive.mp3
10.43 MB Disc VII - Rare Songs/09. Heroes Don't Cry (bonus track taken from 'Live Bites' album).mp3
10.45 MB Disc II/17. The Best Is Yet To Come.mp3
10.46 MB Disc II/13. Lorelei.mp3
10.47 MB Disc VIII - Tribute/06. Sonata Arctica - Still Loving You.mp3
10.50 MB Disc I/15. Send Me An Angel.mp3
10.51 MB Disc II/14. Hit Between The Eyes.mp3
10.61 MB Disc VIII - Tribute/17. Paul Shortino - Holiday.mp3
10.62 MB Disc VI - Covers/09. The Temple Of The King (Rainbow).mp3
10.62 MB Disc IV/13. Crossfire.mp3
10.76 MB Disc VIII - Tribute/02. Kelly Hansen - Here I Am (Rock You Like A Hurricane).mp3
10.88 MB Disc III/10. Coast To Coast.mp3
10.90 MB Disc VIII - Tribute/19. Custard - Send Me An Angel.mp3
10.98 MB Disc II/05. Tease Me Please Me.mp3
11.00 MB Disc I/03. In Trance.mp3
11.15 MB Disc II/16. Lonely Nights.mp3
11.17 MB Disc III/09. To Be With You In Heaven.mp3
11.20 MB Disc III/17. Lovedrive.mp3
11.26 MB Disc II/11. Under The Same Sun.mp3
11.33 MB Disc II/07. Don't Believe Her.mp3
11.39 MB Disc I/06. Always Somewhere.mp3
11.39 MB Disc VIII - Tribute/13. Joe Leste - The Zoo.mp3
11.52 MB Disc III/11. Coming Home.mp3
11.60 MB Disc VIII - Tribute/16. Disbelief - Coast To Coast.mp3
11.66 MB Disc V/04. Fly People Fly.mp3
11.68 MB Disc V/11. As Soon As The Good Times Roll.mp3
11.79 MB Disc V/15. Money And Fame.mp3
11.82 MB Disc IV/16. Crazy World.mp3
12.00 MB Disc I/08. Wind Of Change.mp3
12.02 MB Disc III/18. When You Came Into My Life.mp3
12.05 MB Disc II/10. The Good Die Young.mp3
12.05 MB Disc V/06. The Sails Of Charon.mp3
12.10 MB Disc VII - Rare Songs/15. The Good Die Young (alt. version with co-lead vocals by Tarja Turunen).mp3
12.13 MB Disc IV/18. SLY.mp3
12.36 MB Disc II/15. Believe In Love.mp3
12.45 MB Disc I/16. Humanity.mp3
12.70 MB Disc I/11. The Zoo.mp3
13.01 MB Disc II/03. Loving You Sunday Morning.mp3
13.15 MB Disc II/01. Alien Nation.mp3
13.34 MB Disc IV/07. Restless Nights.mp3
13.66 MB Disc V/09. Woman.mp3
14.34 MB Disc I/14. You And I.mp3
14.43 MB Disc III/13. Lady Starlight.mp3
14.82 MB Disc I/12. Still Loving You.mp3
14.92 MB Disc IV/02. We'll Burn The Sky.mp3
15.01 MB Disc I/10. Holiday.mp3
15.41 MB Disc VIII - Tribute/08. Uli Jon Roth - In Trance.mp3
15.44 MB Disc VII - Rare Songs/13. Still Loving You - Je T'aime Encore (bonus track taken from 'Comeblack' album).mp3
16.08 MB Disc V/13. China White.mp3
16.61 MB Disc VII - Rare Songs/07. Living For Tomorrow (from the 'Still Loving You' compilation).mp3
17.62 MB Disc IV/12. Born To Touch Your Feelings.mp3
22.03 MB Disc V/12. Fly To The Rainbow.mp3
Scorpions - Anthology [2015].mp3 1.39 GB
Scorpions - Anthology [2015].flac 4.34 GB
Scorpions - Anthology [2015].mp3 1.39 GB
Scorpions - Anthology [2015].mp3 1.39 GB
Scorpions - Anthology [2015].mp3 1.39 GB
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